Hey! I’m Kea!

I teach professional women how to

stop working jobs they hate and to plan their career makeover with confidence.


What is a career makeover?

Makeover can mean different things to different people. Here are a few signs that a makeover is right for you:

  • Your soul dies a little on Sunday nights knowing you have to be at work on Monday.

  • You want to transition into a career you love, but don’t know how to position your experience and expertise for the job you want.

  • You feel “blah” about your job and want ways to find meaning and to make the most of where you are right now.

  • You feel like you’re in a rut but don’t know why, and you’re tired of trying to figure it all out on your own.

  • Somewhere along the way, your self-confidence took a hit and you want to give your confidence a boost so you can level-up and seize more opportunities at work.

Your dreams ARE possible and you DO have options!

Committed women come to me because they are stuck, they hate their job or have been laid off, and are tired of what they’ve been doing. Their jobs have become their identity and now they don’t know who they are away from their title, what they want to do next, or where to start.

I blend my Type A-ness with a little bit of “woo” to help you get answers, build confidence, create your vision, set your goals, AND design the plan you need to move forward!


Stop doing stuff you hate and start living life on YOUR terms!

On each work day, you wake up feeling a sense of dread. Your job is just that: a J-O-B, and it provides you with zero (or very little) fulfillment. You might even hate your job a little (or a lot). You know you’re at a crossroads and feel doubtful about your future.

Every day, you ask yourself what your options are and become paralyzed when you start to think about your choices. In the meantime, you’re exhausted because you keep putting yourself last and have no clearly defined boundaries in your life.

Feeling trapped, you are unsure of what steps to take or what direction you want your career to go in next. All you know is that YOU ARE READY for a real, tangible plan of action with results that light you up, and help you discover who you are and what YOU want so that you can create the blueprint for YOUR life.



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