I speak to empower and motivate my audiences, and teach them how to create lasting change from within so they can be more productive, fulfilled, balanced and confident. 


 Kea’s past speaking engagements:


What you can expect when you hire Kea to speak at your next event:

  • Kea speaks with authenticity and truth. People leave feeling uplifted, motivated, encouraged and inspired about their lives, their work, and how to move forward productively.

  • She helps people to drill down on what they truly want in life by bringing awareness to their values, internal desires, challenges, and ambitions. Kea’s audiences feel heard, understood, and walk away feeling that they have the permission they’ve been waiting for to take those steps forward.

  • Kea guides her audiences in creating clear, actionable steps to follow so they can confidently outline the roadmap they need in order to be more effective -- personally and professionally.

  • She provides attendees with the tools they need to be more self-assured, fulfilled, and empowered in their career.

  • Kea’s audiences leave feeling like they can do anything and like their dreams are possible. They are motivated and inspired to roll up their sleeves so they can lead, work, and live boldly and confidently.


Kea’s audiences include:

  • High-performing professionals (HiPos)

  • Women’s groups

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Teen and pre-teen girls (our budding superstars of tomorrow!)


Kea is available for the following speaking opportunities:

  • Keynote speech

  • Emcee

  • Expert panelist

  • Panel moderator

  • Interactive workshop facilitator


Topics include:

  • Resilience: Bounce Don’t Break: Turn Your Setback Into a Comeback

  • Confidence: Why Your Inner Critic Is Really Your BFF 

  • Career Change: You’re a Burrito but You Want to Be a Quesadilla: How Get the Job You Want, Not the Job You Have

  • Productivity: Don’t Let the Tail Wag the Dog: Being Intentional Can Set You Up for Success

  • Self-Care: Put Your Oxygen Mask on First: 5 Ways to Not Suffocate Yourself

  • Work Satisfaction: The Secrets to Liking (or Loving!) Your Job More

  • Career Courage: Why I Said ‘No’ to a CEO Job Offer